Bed Bugs
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BBAlert Active

BBAlert Active:

For more aggressive monitoring of bed bug activity, this monitoring system actively simulates the warmth and respiration that Bed Bugs use as indicators to find their hosts. This, in turn, triggers a feeding response, thereby attracting and then trapping them.

BBAlert Passive

BBAlert Passive:

For providing continuous unattended monitoring of bed bugs for up to one year. With no moving parts or consumables, this product provides early detection of bed bug activity, and is a discreet alternative to the more labor intensive task of routine inspection.

BBAlert Activator Pack

BBAlert Activator Pack:

The BB ALERT® Active replaceable activator is supplied in a sealed package. When opened and exposed to the air it starts to generate heat and moisture. Together they mimic the  mammalian respiration signs that trigger a feeding response in Bed Bugs. The activator is placed inside the BB ALERT® Active base and enclosed by the insulated top cover.