Genus Insect Light Traps
Genus Insect Light Trap Systems

For fastest catch and aesthetic design in areas of high flying insect activity

Wherever you encounter heavy flying insect activity, either in non-public or public areas, the superior performance of the Genus Spectra provides the type of control you need.

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Genus Spectra

For limited space areas requiring no compromise in control

In areas with limited space, the sleekly designed Genus Spectra Compact provides the perfect solution for flying insect control.

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Genus Spectra Compact

For premium performance in flying insect control with enhanced product safety and service features

The Genus Orbit incorporates patented Translucent Technology™ relying upon a highly effective combination of UVa output, reflector shields, and a specially designed tray to include pheromones and insect attractants.

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Genus Orbit

For wet and wash-down areas requiring a solution to flying insect control

The Genus Orbit Jet Proof is the perfect solution for establishments looking for uninterrupted flying insect control in wash-down and high moisture areas.

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Genus Orbit Jet Proof

For cost effective and dependable performance

The Genus Fli combines new design along with location flexibility for placement in both sensitive and general public areas.

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Genus Fli

For sensitive public areas demanding discreet placement

When it comes to effectively controlling flying insects in front-of-house dining areas and other sensitive public locations, the Genus Eclipse provides the ideal solution.

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