We provide a range of encasement products for bed bug protection including Pillow Encasements, Matress Encasements, Travel Pillow Encasements, Luggage Liners and Laundry Bags.

Bed bugs feed on blood and they are nocturnal, looking for their blood meal at night when you and your family are fast asleep. Bed bugs are intelligent little insects and they can move far and fast for their size (about the size of an apple seed when fully grown). They hide in the cracks of your floor, behind wall hangings, in mattress and pillow seams, inside your box spring and in your clothing. Once they locate their blood meal, they come running!

Bed bugs simply cannot get inside our properly closed protectors! These top quality protectors have been tested by entomologists and include the scientifically designed and patent pending Zip Tech™ zipper technology (where applicable), with 3-way protection and re-enforced seams. In addition, they are incredibly comfortable to use!

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Product Models & Specifications for Secure Sleep Encasements
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Secure Sleep Encasements Various
Special Order
Dimensions (H:W:D)
Various  (Various)
Various  (Various)

Usage Areas

Secure Sleep Encasements is suitable for the following applications
Food Processing Plants:  
 | Changing / Locker Rooms
 | Care wards
Hotels / Motels:  
 | Storage  | Non-public areas  | Bedrooms
 | Bedrooms  | Lounge areas
Cinemas / Theatres / Arenas / Stadiums:  
 | Auditorium  | Changing / Locker Rooms
 | Changing / Locker Rooms
Prisons / Penal Facilities:  
 | Inmate Areas
Schools / Educational Institutions:  
 | Student Housing


Consumables for Secure Sleep Encasements
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