Once the site survey has been completed and the areas of high risk have been identified the insect light traps can now be positioned.

Here are some suggestions for the placement of your insect light traps:

  • Wall mount or Hang units where they can be easily serviced. 
  • The units should not be positioned / placed where they can be damaged e.g. passageways, by cleaners, maintenance staff, fork lift trucks etc
  • Do not place units in positions where during servicing debris can contaminate food. 
  • Position the units to intercept the flies before they enter critical areas. 
  • Position units to draw insects away from the area you are trying to protect. 
  • Do not position the units where they will have to compete with other light sources e.g. next to, under or over windows.
  • Units should not be placed where they can attract flies from outside i.e. opposite doors or windows
  • Do not use High Voltage units in Food preparation areas.
  • Don't place units directly over food preparation areas. E.g. above cookers, preparation surfaces, steam vents…etc 
  • Avoid placing units near air blowers, air curtains or air conditioning units
  • In glass free areas use units with Sleeved tubes. 
  • For damp or extreme harsh environments use stainless steel units or units specifically designed for this purpose.
  • In areas with large amount of glass use clear UV resistant film on windows.

If you have any other questions or queries regarding trap placement please don’t hesitate to contact us at enquiries@b-onena.com or call on 01384 472 900